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>> I'm sure someone will shoot me now ;-)
>Not at all.  I think, apart from the charity thing (see my other
>email), you're absolutely on the button here.  In fact, when you
>mentioned your swimming club (I think) in relation to IoW merchandise
>(I think) I was tempted to ask more about how it works and if you
>thought there was any reason it wouldn't work for OSM.

Ok, I can expand on this, using the swimming club as an example:

The club was set up way back when swimming was done outside :-O

It currently has approximately 450 active swimming members who pay for the
"service". The majority pay for the privilege of being taught how to swim
and the minority pay to kill themselves many times a week in seeking a gold
medal at the Olympics!

So members pay principally to cover two costs. The costs of pool hire (aka
hosting) and the cost of teaches are coaches (aka coders and maintainers).
Some of the coaches and teachers are volunteers, generally with children
swimming in the club, so they don’t get paid for their teaching but the do
get concessions against the cost of their kids swimming. We pay our head
coach and other non volunteer teachers are paid a small amount for the hour
or two they do each week.

Other volunteers, such as myself, do other non teaching roles in order to
obtain concessions, my two kids swim between them 9 times each week which
gets very costly.

Our club turnover is approximately £100,000 per annum. We do not use any
grants for our main funding but do use donations and fundraising events to
run some of the extra activities such as swim camps and in-house swimming

The club is about to gain CASC (Community Amateur Sports Club) status which
is similar to charitable status. The reason being to limit exposure to tax
and permit the recovery of tax on donations. Unlike a charity however a CASC
cannot claim tax back on membership fees that pay for the "service". A
charity can claim tax back on membership fees but there are restrictions on
what a charity can do.

The organisation of the club is made up of three officers, The Chairman,
Secretary and Treasurer. These are the three that are key within the entity
of the club and would be the legally responsible persons in any claim
against the club. The club is also affiliated to the Amateur Swimming
Association which provides umbrella protections, assistance and insurance.

The rest of the committee is made up of individuals who give their time
freely and who fulfil specific identified roles. These roles deal with the
principal activities of the club and include (in no particular order):

Communications and publicity
Welfare & child protection
Specialist sports (eg water polo)
Swimming Team management
Volunteer co-ordination

On top of these we have co-opted individuals who cover various additional

The full committee meets monthly over beer and coffee and receives reports
from the various sub committee's. We are striving to have the sub committees
do most of the day to day business to leave the main committee to policy,
but its tough to get that working well. The sub-committees are chaired by a
committee member and made up of committee members, co-opted members and
anyone we feel adds value to that sub committee.

Our AGM is once per year at which time all posts other than the officers are
up for nomination or renewal. The membership base has the votes. The
officers are on a three year tenure to keep a level of continuity between
each year, after which they may seek re-election. Obviously as swimmers come
and go their parents come and go so the make-up of the committee changes
completely every few years.

The club also has a president who attends and presides over the AGM. He is a
local councillor which provides us with a low level political foothold.

Hope this helps refine some thoughts.


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