[OSM-talk] what GPS?

Libby Miller libby at asemantics.com
Mon May 8 09:45:32 BST 2006

On Fri, 5 May 2006, Thomas Coulson wrote:

> Hi All,
> My first post to the group - I discovered openstreet map the The Map
> Room..a blog at http://www.mcwetboy.net/maproom/   and very glad I
> did too! A brilliant idea. As a cartographer working in the U.K. I've
> long been cursing the Ordnance Surveys stranglehold on data here and
> have suffered the expense of purchasing aerial photographs to
> digitize road networks from.
> I'm based in Brighton and a keen cyclist so I'm hoping to contribute
> by proving GPS tracks of Brighton and Hove and surrounding area. My
> question - what GPS system would you guys recommend? Obviously I need
> something small and lightweight, fairly cheap and be able to connect
> to a Mac.

I've been using a garmin 201 this weekend. it's < 100 UKP. UI is crap
(esp for entering metadata, waypoints etc though this seems pretty much
universal with GPS). To connect to a mac you'll need a usb to serial cable
comes with drivers for mac os x which work with 10.* (including 10.4). I
use link2gps as a simple bit of software to grab the points and waypoints.

I guess the disadvantage is that it's relatively innaccurate compared with
the star 3 stuff.

So that lot is a workable and cheapish solution. I'm sure there are


> Cheers,
> Tom
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