[OSM-talk] Ed Parsons Blog

Ed Parsons ed at blakeparsons.com
Mon May 15 00:22:46 BST 2006

Nick (all),

You are right copyright free is not a helpful concept, I was however  
responding to the term as used by the Guardian and making the point  
that this was NOT the case.

I bow to your knowledge of the licensing of Linux, however i was  
trying to draw a comparison not in terms of the specifics as to how  
it was developed or  then licensed but rather its impact on the  
industry. I really do see the potential for an equally big impact.

As I see it the real challenge here is to reach the momentum so that  
the hockey stick growth curve kicks in, which will require, as you  
point out funding for marketing, product management etc.


btw - I wish the OS would stop using the 5,000 edits a day it is a  
little misleading ;-) 

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