[OSM-talk] Way segment count

Dean Earley dean at earlsoft.co.uk
Wed May 17 22:19:53 BST 2006

>> Is there a limit to the amount of segments in a way?
> No there shouldn't be... whats the way id? Can you incrementally add
> to it? if there are millions of segments then it might be the maximum
> PUT object size for apache or seomthing strange like that.

The plot thickens...

The way ID is 485136 (M27 eastbound) and after a lot of screwing around
with JOSM, ethereal and an HTTP client, my findings are as follows:

1) JOSM happily uploaded all 200 of the selected segments (not all of
the real ones but a nice round number).

2) Downloading JUST that way in a browser showed me the correct
timestamp and all 200 segments.

3) When sent as part of the output of map, I ONLY get 147 of the 200
segments. It's not that its just including the ones in that map as it
has others that aren't and misses a load that are.

This is only evident in JOSM after clearing and re downloading a map.

Hope this helps you to track it down further:)

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