[OSM-talk] Prolification of the amenity tag

bvh bvh-osm at irule.be
Wed Nov 29 09:48:46 GMT 2006

While this mail has been triggered by the proposal for
amenity="wifi", it is more about the amenities tag in general and
that is why I bring it up here instead of on the wiki.

My take on the amenities tag is that recent proposals have drifted to
uses that are better served outside the openstreetmap database.

For starters a (maybe) trivial conclusion : we do not want to tag
everything that has a location (even if we could). So the question 
is where do we draw the line?

My take on it is that we should try to tag everything that is needed
to find your way (the purpose of a map, no?) So it's perfectly
reasonable to tag football stadiums and churches because by virtue
of being easily recognizable they serve as a point of reference
out there in the field.

However, amenities="wifi", ="park_ride", ="clinic" etc don't share
that purpose. There is little value to add them to a map.

That is not to say there is no value in knowing where these things are.
But that purpose is better served with a seperate project
(let's call it openyellowpages). And certainly in Web 2.0 spirit
of things there would be a mash-up so that if a user searches for
all wifi zones in her neighbourhoud she'd get back a map from
openstreetmap and an overlay from openyellowpages.

So, I'll be voting against nearly all amenities proposals that are
currently being considered and I hope to find some people who think
the same about this.

(Coincidently don't we need a page in the wiki with refused proposals?
one thing we can immediatly add is flight paths.)

cu bart

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