[OSM-talk] "derivative" work and source/created-by tag

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Apr 24 16:45:25 BST 2007


    I have changed a lot of coastline manually in the last few days,  
often with reference to Landsat imagery. Would you in such cases  
remove the "source" or "created-by" tags on the coastline that refer  
to the coastline importer originally creating the data?

I am asking because I, if I were the writer of the coasline stuff and  
say I found a bug in my script, would be tempted to just delete  
everything that carries my signature and re-import.

However if things have been improved (or at least changed) manually,  
something like that should not happen.

Has my manual change broken the link between the creating script and  
the created segment/way enough so that I am entitled or even expected  
to remove the script's signature tags?


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