[OSM-talk] Presentation materials

Zoran Kovacevic zoran at kovacevic.nl
Wed Apr 25 11:58:58 BST 2007

cagri coltekin wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 25, 2007 at 04:59:34PM +1000, Andrew wrote:
>> I am going to present on OSM to the Canberra Linux users group (CLUG)
>> tomorrow night.  On the wiki, on the Getting Involved page, there is
>> mention of presentation aids, but I can't find them, except perhaps for
>> the featured maps and media images sections.  I don't mind rolling my
>> own, but if anyone has existing presentations I'd be happy to receive
>> them. (I don't mind relatively large emails if someone wants to email
>> such to me, obviously to me not the list)
> It would be nice if you could share (possibly on OSM wiki) any
> information gathered.  I'll likely have an OSM talk in Turkish
> Linux & Open Source conference. Only resource I found from this
> list is Nick Black's presentation here:
> http://www.blacksworld.net/blog/?page_id=88.  Looks like a good
> start, but any other material to attract a geek crowd would be
> helpful for me too.

I saw Steve give this presentation, but with movies inside. Could not 
find the download, so I guess you'd have to ask him for it.

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