[OSM-talk] Presentation materials

Andrew andrew at incanberra.com.au
Wed Apr 25 14:43:21 BST 2007

Andy, thats a great presentation.  Given how little time I have to
prepare I will be basically using that, perhaps shortened a little, and
I will stick in at least one local map.  I really like the sequences
showing the build up of raw data and then the progression from basic
base data to a full featured osmarender output.  I will of course give
appropriate attribution to you in the talk. 

I also have looked over Nick Blacks presentation, which is also great. 
Apart from it being PDF so not easily editable, I don't feel I can
really speak to the charts about the REST API, ruby versus rails, and so
on, but for the right speaker it would also be an excellent presentation
to use.


Andy Robinson wrote:
> You can find my OSM presentation to the British Cartographic Symposium last
> summer here:
> http://ajr.hopto.org/
> All are welcome to use the content for any other OSM presentation they are
> doing.
> Cheers
> Andy 
> Andy Robinson
> Andy_J_Robinson at blueyonder.co.uk 
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>> I am going to present on OSM to the Canberra Linux users group (CLUG)
>> tomorrow night.  On the wiki, on the Getting Involved page, there is
>> mention of presentation aids, but I can't find them, except perhaps for
>> the featured maps and media images sections.  I don't mind rolling my
>> own, but if anyone has existing presentations I'd be happy to receive
>> them. (I don't mind relatively large emails if someone wants to email
>> such to me, obviously to me not the list)
>> cheers
>> Andrew.
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