[OSM-talk] latin america

graham graham at theseamans.net
Wed Aug 1 11:42:26 BST 2007

Iván Sánchez Ortega wrote:
> El Martes, 31 de Julio de 2007, graham escribió:
>> [...] I can't find a spanish mailing list or anything to help 
>> Spanish-speaking newbies. But I know there's a lot going on in Spain, so how 
>> do the Spanish mappers manage? IS there a separate web site or mailing list 
>> I missed? 
> There is a "talk-es" mailing list that you missed:
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Mailing_lists

Maybe you could put a link to the mailing list on:


with a note to say that although most of the wiki is still english, 
translations are welcome and there's an active mailing list of spanish 
speakers. Otherwise it seems as though there is nothing but the 
introductory page.. I'd do it myself but expect portunhol wouldn't be 
appreciated ;-)

> We mostly focus on mapping Spain, but we'll be happy to help out any other 
> spanish-speaking people.

I'll mention it and see if there are any takers... in appearance though 
it may still be too europe-focused :-(


> E a gente também fala um poquinho do portunhol si vcs precisan ;-)

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