[OSM-talk] Mapnik style in slippy map

Steve Chilton S.L.Chilton at mdx.ac.uk
Thu Aug 2 15:50:48 BST 2007

Good spot!
I submitted the changes in 2 bundles. First version moved the 4 main non-road ways up a layer.
I immediately saw this effect (having not noticed in my obviously less than rigorous local checking).
The second commit included adding service roads at 13 as a grey line.
Unfortunately your area hasn't used the latest style sheet yet. It will then also show a thinning of bridleways, and a slight change in the dash-arrays.

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	On Thu, 2007-08-02 at 13:52 +0100, Steve Chilton wrote:
	> 1 Let me know if any artefacts, knock-on effects or other strangeness occurs in areas that you "care for" as it gets re-rendered.
	One small problem I've noticed is that highway=service is not drawn at
	zoom 13 but footpaths and bridleways now are. In some instances, like at
	the end of the Meon Valley Trail[1], this gives the appearance that
	there is no access to the road from the path when in fact there is.

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