[OSM-talk] STAGS?

Andy Robinson Andy_J_Robinson at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Aug 3 14:45:14 BST 2007

Alex Mauer wrote:
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>Subject: [OSM-talk] STAGS?
>It's been nearly three weeks now since SOTM happened and STAGS was first
>described.  I have yet to see any description of how STAGS might
>actually work in practice.
>Does anyone have any idea when a writeup on that topic might be

I'm getting there slowly, but it takes time. Map Features took all of a day
or so to draft up. This time it takes a bit longer ;-) partly because to
keep it usable by all it needs to break down into the simplest of components
and I've been around the houses on a few of these. Out on the bike while
mapping is a great time to mull over and throw out ideas!

Rather than just lay out the extended bare bones from my SOTM talk I'm
propagating the base structure with the existing map features so that there
is something to work with (ie test) from the outset. I could see that just a
structure without a seeding wasn't really going to work that well in
practice. I also wanted to have a usable set of tagging presets ready for
JOSM too. These are more sophisticated than the basic ones that have floated
around to date.

I'll only be happy with the structure once I see how it impacts the way we
are tagging now. But once I reach that point I'll get it on the wiki. Then
it will need some help to add in some of the other ideas that are floating
around, on routing and relationships for instance. We will also need to see
how the rendering works, although the expectation is that the rules will
come from the structure itself. ie I'm including rule-default capability
within the structure.

I will throw out a possible change in name though, I'm not planning to call
it STAGS, rather I'd quite like to call the whole thing "cOSMology"



Andy Robinson
Andy_J_Robinson at blueyonder.co.uk

>-Alex Mauer

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