[OSM-talk] Foundation Elections - Challenge the Candidates

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Aug 3 18:28:40 BST 2007


80n wrote:
> I'm currently the Treasurer and I'm standing for re-election.

Although I'm not a member of the OSMF and although nobody else wants to 
be treasurer anyway, I'd like to offer this little endorsement of 80n's 
application for the job.

More or less by accident I recently stumbled on our "Merchandise" page 
on the Wiki and noticed that below each of the deals listed there, 80n 
had put a note specifying how much money OSMF makes with that deal.

That's really just a little thing but I was extremely pleased, as 
putting this information there is a sign of openness towards the 
community which cannot be taken for granted. I've seen many 
organisations where this kind of information would be considered "not 
the business of ordinary members", much less the general public.

Thumbs up for 80n!

(Doesn't mean I don't like the other candidates, it's just that this 
caught my attention.)


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