[OSM-talk] Pubs, stores, clubs and the way they are rendered

Tom Chance tom at acrewoods.net
Sun Aug 5 11:19:08 BST 2007


Yann wrote:
> Here is a screenshot from the center of london I took this morning:
> http://waste.mandragor.org/pubs.png
> It seems that pubs take a predominant place in the map. If we render 
> pubs, we will soon render clubs, stores, etc, directly on the mapnik 
> layer...
> I am afraid this will be a bit "too much" . On the screenshot I have 
> taken, the names of the pubs are written on top of the names of the 
> road, and having so many icons makes the map ugly (very personal point 
> of view I admit). Same for the recycle containers, having them 
> rendered (directly) on the map...
> On the other hand, these informations are useful, and should be 
> available. I would love to see these data as mashups, or added layers, 
> that we could enable/disable manually - instead of having them 
> directly rendered on the mapnik layer. 

That's the Osmarender layer, not Mapnik, and I don't see the Mapnik 
people directly following the Osmarender stylesheet any time soon. The 
Mapnik shot of that area looks quite tidy and informative to me:

I would really like to see a more flexible UI for enabling/disabling 
layers to display all sorts of different info, mind you. Multimap have 
quite a nice, if limited, UI for this.

Kind regards,

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