[OSM-talk] Pubs, stores, clubs and the way they are rendered

Mikel Maron mikel_maron at yahoo.com
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This pings 80n's question from a couple weeks ago -- should OSM be creating a rendered map? Yes! (it's a conceptual leap for newcomers to understanding the underlying data as the product vs a map, and it's useful in itself). So if we accept that, we need to decide on the core content of that map. I'd reckon there's common agreement that it should be useful for general navigation by any means of transport and should include significant POI and features. Many pubs are significant for navigation, some are famous, but more are not. I think there's a proposed map features for distinguishing between pubs useful for navigation, and any other pub. I personally like the recycling POI, but would concede they're not core for navigation.

Then again, the core map should reflect all the diversity of interests and possibilities in OSM...

Also pings Richard's presentation on cartography vs mashups at SotM. Ideally the osm.org map should reflect the common interests of the community. No one would question the common interest in pubs, but I definitely agree that it's an odd cartographic decision. Is there a way to make POI layers cartographically and visually complementary, but also toggle-able? This could be done by point annotation layers in OpenLayers, or sets of POI rendered in semi-transparent mapnik tiles. In either case, additional processing and serving infrastructure would be required to produce those. It may well be worth it, if OSM ever has the luxury of extra processing capacity.

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Here is a screenshot from the center of london I took this morning:

It seems that pubs take a predominant place in the map. If we render pubs, we will soon render clubs, stores, etc, directly on the mapnik layer...

I am afraid this will be a bit "too much" . On the screenshot I have taken, the names of the pubs are written on top of the names of the road, and having so many icons makes the map ugly (very personal point of view I admit). Same for the recycle containers, having them rendered (directly) on the map...

On the other hand, these informations are useful, and should be available. I would love to see these data as mashups, or added layers, that we could enable/disable manually - instead of having them directly rendered on the mapnik layer.

What would you think? 


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