[OSM-talk] Pubs, stores, clubs and the way they are rendered

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Sun Aug 5 11:52:19 BST 2007

On 8/5/07, Yann <yann.hamon at gmail.com> wrote:
> Here is a screenshot from the center of london I took this morning:
> http://waste.mandragor.org/pubs.png
> It seems that pubs take a predominant place in the map. If we render pubs,
> we will soon render clubs, stores, etc, directly on the mapnik layer...
> I am afraid this will be a bit "too much" . On the screenshot I have
> taken, the names of the pubs are written on top of the names of the road,
> and having so many icons makes the map ugly (very personal point of view I
> admit). Same for the recycle containers, having them rendered (directly) on
> the map...

If I look at the Popular Searches panel at local.live.com I see pub, sports
bar, restaurant, hotel, pizza, fast food as some of the most popular search
terms.  Seems like a pretty good reason to show this kind of information -
its what people are interested in.

Pubs are also excellent navigation landmarks, typically being well signed
and uniquely named within any given area.

On the other hand, these informations are useful, and should be available. I
> would love to see these data as mashups, or added layers, that we could
> enable/disable manually - instead of having them directly rendered on the
> mapnik layer.

Agreed, separate switchable layers would be the ideal solution.

And here is a new version of the pub icon which I think is a little more
pleasing and less intrusive:


What would you think?
> Yann
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