[OSM-talk] Few questions on highway=track

Rik van der Helm rik at the-quickest.com
Mon Aug 6 21:21:22 BST 2007

I have done a lot of reading these last few weeks in the wiki. But the
whole osm-tagging schema and the difference between 'approved' and
'proposed' map_features is puzzling me so much that I even can't get
myself to ask general questions about it. So that's why I am free to ask
a few specialised questions on one of the highway-keys, maybe your
answers helps me to get a more general understanding on the schemas and

My questions are about highway=track
1. Is this an 'approved' or a 'proposed' map_feature ? It appears in the
map_features but without an approved icon next to it, but I can't find
it in proposed map_features page. But still there are approved
'tracktypes' ??
2. Where can I find a proper description/definition of highway=track ?
What are the default access-tags with this map_feature ? In NL people
use this map_feature to tag unpaved roads with a general way of right.
As far as I know tracks in UK it's mainly about agricultural roads
without a general way of right, but partly permissive access for slower
3. In NL we have a lot of unpaved roads in wood and nature reserves
without general way of right and permissive access to slow traffic. Can
we use highway=track for this ? Or should we use highway=unclassified ? 
4. This weekend out of the blue highway=unsurfaced popped up in the
map_features. No proposal, no discussion, no nothing. Is this the
regular way in osm ? If the answer is yes: am I free to remove
non-approved, or at least non-proposed keys out of the map_features ? If
the answer is no: am I free to  place new highways in the map_features
without proper proposal, I would love to have
highway=landweg,highway=karrespoor,highway=klinkerweg. I am sure you
have 'karrespoor' in the rest of the world also, but I don't see any
point in explaining you what it is ;)

Thanks for helping me on, Rik

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