[OSM-talk] Few questions on highway=track

Jon Bright jon at siliconcircus.com
Tue Aug 7 09:14:01 BST 2007


Freek wrote:
> Of course there's no one "true" meaning of highway=track, but I'd still like 
> to know what the majority of British mappers would consider a track 
> (especially public unpaved roads, sometimes hardly accessible for normal 
> cars).

I've been playing around with routing using the osm data.  Speaking from 
that perspective, I think I'd prefer:

  - highway=unclassified; surface=unpaved if it's passable by car
  - highway=track; if it's not (or only by suitably built cars)

Basically, for a normal route using a car, highway=unclassified would 
then be fair game.  highway=track would not.

Jon Bright
Silicon Circus Ltd.

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