[OSM-talk] Script for animated GPX traces

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Aug 8 23:47:03 BST 2007


    I was very impressed by some of the eye candy on offer at SOTM, 
especially Peter Miller's moving dots.

Now I don't have years of experience in the film industry to help me 
create cool stuff, but I did manage to hack together a small Perl script 
that takes a number of GPX traces recorded at the same time and makes an 
animation from it, so you can see where people went.

I reckon this would be nice to use if you have tracks from a mapping 
party - the film would then show all the various coloured dots going off 
in different directions and all meeting at the pub later ;-)

Here's a demo:

(I haven't managed to create this file with a frame rate less than 
22fps; I would have liked 10fps or so but ffmpeg wouldn't let me)

And here's the script:

The script is configured by editing the first lines of Perl code, it is 
fairly straightforward. It produces a lot of individual bitmaps which 
you have to compile into a movie with ffmpeg or mencoder or so; you can 
also choose to create an animated GIF file.


(I wanted to put the script in OSM SVN but then again it doesn't have a 
lot of OSM in it... just GPX traces and a background image... but if you 
start expanding it in some cool and interesting way then we definitely 
need it in SVN ;-)

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