[OSM-talk] Fedora users - build your slippy map

Keith Sharp kms at passback.co.uk
Fri Aug 10 08:06:28 BST 2007

On Thu, 2007-08-09 at 23:01 +0100, Jon Burgess wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-08-09 at 22:33 +0100, Jon Burgess wrote:
> >
> > Thanks for putting these together, it certainly makes a slippy map
> > installation much easier for a new user. 
> > 
> > I ran problems because I've got an x86-64 machine which you've got no
> > RPMS for it (yum bombs out after finding the repodata is missing). 
> > 
> > I recompiled the SRPMS and everything was fine apart from Mapnik. I had
> > to make some changes to re-add '-fPIC' to the AGG compile and tweak the
> > spec file to pick up the right path for some of the Python files.
> > 
> > All my compiled files and the mapnik src.rpm are at:
> >   http://www.jburgess.uklinux.net/osm-slippy/
> > 
> > If you think the changes are OK, feel free to add these to your repo if
> > you want, or maybe I can create a repo with both i386 and x86_64
> > packages.

I don't have the facility to build x86_64 RPMs so I am happy to take the
ones you build and host them on my site.  The fix for adding back the
-fPIC flag needs to be finer grained than commenting out the entire
patch - Fedora won't accept packages compiling with -O3, you have to
honour RPM_OPT_FLAGS for compilation unless you can come up with a very
good reason.  What I propose is a modifying the patch to preserve -fPIC
only, but not -O3?

I need to investigate some more into the Python thing.  My Fedora
reviewer told me to use sitearch because Mapnik was installing
architecture specific files under Python.  I am not entirely convinced
by this - perhaps Artem could help here.  The comment in question is at
the end of:


> > I've got one remaining issue causing the text labels to be missing in
> > the output. I'll try to figure out why.
> I figured out the font problem, the mapnik python bindings need a small
> update to know where to find the system DejaVu fonts. I've added this
> into the '-4 mapnik RPMs on my site.

Thanks for the fix.  The inclusion of the fonts on Mapnik was
highlighted as a problem in the review for inclusion in Fedora, so I
snipped them out of the Scons install.

> Do you think we should try to find a home for the patches and spec files
> in the OSM svn tree?

I would hope to get most of the SPEC files (Mapnik, TileCache,
OpenLayers) upstream, either in Fedora or in the source tarballs for the
applications.  It is probably worth adding the osm2pgsql.spec file to
the osm2pgsql directory in the OSM SVN.  The SPEC files, patches,a nd
scripts, are currently maintained in my SVN:


Not sure what the best thing to do the with osm-base and osm-slippymap
packages is.  The spec files are at the above URL, and the source is
kept in subversion:


Comments and feedback welcome,


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