[OSM-talk] Crossing ways

Jon Bright jon at siliconcircus.com
Sat Aug 11 15:21:17 BST 2007


Now that I've found the validation panel in JOSM, I have a question 
about crossing ways.

I have a dual carriageway, which has a junction with a minor road. 
Traffic on the minor road can join the dual carriageway in either 
direction.  Traffic on either part of the dual carriageway can join the 
minor road.  Traffic on the dual carriageway cannot perform a U-turn.

I'd tried to represent this with the ways in the screenshot at


The validator complains that the selected ways cross one another.  There 
are no bridges or tunnels involved here - the whole thing's controlled 
with traffic lights.  My question is, what to do in this situation:

- Should I have organised the junction differently?
- Should I just ignore the validator's warning?
- Should I put set one of the ways as layer=1, even though they're not 
really above one another?
- Something else I didn't think of?

My current strategy is to ignore the warnings, but this gradually tends 
towards making the warnings about crossing ways no longer be useful. 
One other strategy I thought of was something like a "highway=crossing" 
tag - something along the lines of "this way isn't really a way per se, 
but does provide information to routing systems about the allowable 
routes between these other ways".  Renderers might then choose to ignore 
such ways.


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