[OSM-talk] Increase download limit near the poles?

Tom Hughes tom at compton.nu
Sun Aug 12 01:05:10 BST 2007

In message <2flhcn6m3wk.fsf at saruman.uio.no>
          Petter Reinholdtsen <pere at hungry.com> wrote:

> When trying to download a reasonable area in Northern Norway, I am
> told that it is too large (>0.25).  I assume this is a good value in
> England, but closer to the poles it become ridiculously small.  I draw
> maps around 69 degrees north.  Can it be made to scale with the
> position on the globe?

Well if you can come up with a good algorithm then maybe we can
consider it ;-) For what it's worth the current test is:

  (max_lat - min_lat) * (max_lon - min_lon) < 0.25


Tom Hughes (tom at compton.nu)

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