[OSM-talk] cooperative mapping

Jeffrey Martin dogshed at gmail.com
Sun Aug 12 04:56:42 BST 2007

I'm starting to get the hang of JOSM, but it doesn't do what I want it to.
I want to separate the data collection from the map creation.

Yesterday I spend a whole day running around on my scooter and
taking notes. I have a file of waypoints, tracks logs, and paper notes.

What I want to do is get all of this raw data on the server as soon as
The sooner the information is recorded somewhere the more likely I am to
interpret my own notes accurately and remember things that I didn't write
Right now you can pretty much have to put the finished product on the

Another reason I want to do this is so the labor can be divided. Allowing
all of
this raw data on the server would allow someone in Europe to map the data
I collect in Korea.

Here is what I want.

The data collector upload tracks with bogus points edited out.
(I figured out how to do this, but it's not easy.)
The tracks display with
arrows so one can see where the data collector was going and what direction.
The data collector uploads waypoints with notes for points or groups of

When JOSM downloads from the server it should download this raw or semi-raw
data as separate layers from the mapping data. This way the mapper can go
back and forth between the two without having the notes and such clutter up
the finished product. Also, the mapper doesn't have to go back and delete
from the finished product. The notes are still available for review.

That's what I want.

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