[OSM-talk] Notebook scans

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Aug 12 22:58:53 BST 2007


> I can't decide whether this is a good idea or not.  So far I take the approach of being transparent but cussed, i.e. it is good to keep a legal record but on a least effort basis and if some company doubts my word that I've visited an area, they are welcome to send a representative to my house at a time to my convenience wherever I may be in the world.  What do others think?!

I, too, have always thought the "accountability" aspect was handled at 
much too high a priority in OSM. It is not me who has to prove that I 
didn't copy something from a map - it is the map owner who has to prove 
that I infringed on his copyright!

I have always viewed the fact that OSM encourages me to upload GPX 
traces for the benefit of accountability as a kind of mistrust - "we 
want to keep our data clean and we don't trust you enough to just accept 
your word that you didn't copy data".

Suggesting that I should upload my notebook pages (or maybe even 
dictaphone records) for the benefit of accountability goes in the same 
direction for me; we don't trust you so please lay open all your 

Like Mike, I do see the other advantages of uploading notes and traces, 
but the accountability aspect is something that sours it for me.

But I've never felt too offended by that percieved mistrust, I put it 
down to Ordnance Survey Lawsuit Paranoia.


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