[OSM-talk] UK: Trunk-Primary

David Earl david at frankieandshadow.com
Mon Aug 13 09:12:56 BST 2007

Ben said:
>> Proposal for "signage=<colour>", or somethign to similar effect, so that
>> green signed primary roads, and green signed trunk roads can be split
>> appart.

I'm don't understand what advantage is to be gained by recording who 
runs what roads as the main means of recording them.It isn't obvious on 
the ground, which is where we're getting our information from, and it 
isn't obvious to an end user, who we're trying to communicate with.

Tom said:
> That is, to be completely frank, a ludicrous proposal. Tagging something
> explicitly based on the colour of the signs is just ridiculous.

I'm pretty sure that's what most of us are doing, or rather we are using 
the signs as ground-based evidence of what kind of road they are.

This seems sensible to me because to do navigation of some kind you want 
to see on the map a representation of what you see on the ground. Unless 
you're a local authority or the Department for Transport, you just want 
to know that if you see green on the map you should be looking for green 
signs in the UK, reversing what the surveyor did.


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