[OSM-talk] UK: Trunk-Primary

Ben Robbins ben_robbins_ at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 13 15:05:07 BST 2007

>>If there is an agreement, that trunk means 'roads with green signs' rather
>>than a 'UK trunk road' then it's not wrong, as a tag could mean what ever
>>want it to mean.  It should work fine, but people should be able to filter
>>the latter from all green signed roads, rather than OSM just merging 2
>>posible definitions into one.

>Yes - please feel free to propose a tag for management.  Note this will 
>work for filtering out non-trunk motorways, which you seem to have ignored
>in your analysis.

Actually I wasn't awair that there were non-trunk motorways, although I 
suppose the M6 toll is one? so maybe I was.  Didn't ignore anything, just 
didn't know that.  cheers.


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