[OSM-talk] Perl OSM Logger, posmlog

Steve Bromwich osm at fop.ns.ca
Mon Aug 13 15:09:58 BST 2007

I've written a quick hack to do data logging which may be of use to 
others, after reading the thread on notebook entries. It's designed to 
hang off gpsd and run in text mode on a laptop or similar, and I wrote it 
so I could log POIs and other data on a drive (where I was a passenger) 
from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Corner Brook in Newfoundland.

What it does:

* Logs data to a GPX file in the current directory based off current 
system time and date
* Allows tab completion of words from a completion file 
* Adds already entered words to the completion history as well as command 
history (using GNU Readline)

What it does not do:

* Track logging of any description - I used gpspipe -r for that.
* Give any sort of moving map display - it's text mode, it gives some 
basic information such as lat/lon and GPS status. I used gpsdrive for the 
moving map display.
* Give you any documentation. Press m to make a marker, and q to quit. 
This was, after all, a quick hack - with a large section rewritten on the 
ferry to Newfoundland.
* Integrate directly with JOSM or any other editor - use surveyor/livegps 
plugins for that (I didn't use that because I didn't have the space to use 
a mouse in the vehicle).

It's available for download at http://www.fop.ns.ca/osm/posmlog.tar.bz2 
(and I make no apologies for the rather Canadian specific pun, since perl 
is the duct tape of the internet).

Cheers, Steve

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