[OSM-talk] Privacy - Time - Houses

Christoph Eckert ce at christeck.de
Thu Aug 16 21:25:34 BST 2007


> I want to help openstreetmap and started some tracking actions.

welcome :) .

> But I have some privacy problems:
> I want to delete or fake the timestaps of the gpx file AND
> I want to delete some of the first and some of the last meters
> (no one has to know, where I and for example my girlfriend lives -
> but I want to track the big streets I drive on the way to her)
> Can someone tell me, how I can fake or delete the timesteps and how
> to delete the first an last gps points (graphicaly would be nice -
> without I can delete them by editing the the file by text-editor, but
> then, I can't see, which one I want to delete)
> I have the raw gps files with my gps device.

it depends on the OS which tools you'll find. On all OSs, you could at 
least use gpsbabel.org (or one of its GUIs like gebabbel.sf.net) . It 
can remove (or keep) all points based on a center and a distance.

About the time shift, I tried it once with gpsbabel as well, but didn't 
succeed. gpsbabel seems to be designed to shift the timestamps by 
several hours (e.g. to iron out timezone differences), but of course I 
tried a shift of about ten years :) .

Even if you succeed with the timeshift, the gpx file can still contain a 
comment tag etc. which contains an additional timestamp as string. I 
thus recommend to check the file contents after the conversion process.

HTH & best regards,


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