[OSM-talk] Editing and tagging - Potlatch, or just JOSM?

Bettersoftware barry at bettersoftware.co.uk
Fri Aug 17 06:39:55 BST 2007


I agree with you. JOSM IS worth the effort and I consider Potlash to be 
almost useless when compared to it's predecessor. With it's very limited 
facilities and features I just can't see why anyone would use it.

Best regards


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> Gerald,
> Once I got JOSM running, the mere thought of using Potlatch to do anything 
> causes me physical pain :)
> Make the effort to get it up running.
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> On 17/08/2007 at 12:37 AM Gerald A  wrote:
>>I'm starting to fiddle around more seriously with OSM and am trying to use
>>Potlatch to do so.
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