[OSM-talk] flight paths

Jon Stockill lists at stockill.net
Fri Aug 17 14:23:11 BST 2007

Peter Miller wrote:
> Anyone who is following the news this week will know that aviation is 
> currently in the spotlight.
> Are any people doing work on flight-paths? I for one would be interested 
> to know which airport all the planes that pass overhead are coming from 
> and for the airports that have planned expansion it would be good to be 
> able to plot the paths radiating from them so people can see if they are 
> affected by the work.
> I guess a specialist flight map rendering would be very helpful and 
> encourage data collection.
> I believe that GPS works on flights and can be used but that flight path 
> data might also be available from enthusiasts.
> Any thoughts?

The big noisy stuff that people are going to be complaining about are 
all likely to be flying SIDs (Standard Instrument Departures) STARs 
(Standard Terminal Arrival Routes) and Airways. So the route taken will 
be more or less the same every time, and can be found from published 
(but, surprise surprise, not free) data. If you're interested you can 
sign up for an account at http://www.ais.org.uk (for the uk stuff). The 
ICAO have a list of national organisations here: 
http://www.icao.int/icao/en/m_links.html (Some countries make the data 
available for free, others you need to register for, some charge a 
fortune for access). There's also a website that covers AIS info for all 
of europe, but the address escapes me at the moment.

Airways data can be found in section 3 of the en route data, charts are 
in section 6, and SIDs and STARS can be found in the individual 
aerodrome data sheets.


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