[OSM-talk] East Hampshire 'Fill The Gap' Footpaths Party - Sep 22/23

Rik van der Helm rik at the-quickest.com
Mon Aug 20 00:18:44 BST 2007

Hi Nick,

I gave it a definite place in my agenda ! How do the gaps look like ?
Are there pathes/roads missing randomly over the map or is it more
smaller or bigger areas which need to be filled in completely ? If it's
the first I am curious what your strategy will be to find and map the
missing pathes/roads in a efficient way. Without a proper plan, there is
a big chance people will mainly walk on already mapped pathes/roads.

I forwarded your announcement with a general introduction on osm to two
hiking-communities in the Netherlands. (hiking-site.nl/rugzaklopers.nl).
I will do my best to get one or more dutch hikers to join the party.
This weekend I mapped a hikingtour of 70 km near Nijmegen. People I was
walking with thought I was crazy, why should you map something which is
already mapped ? Also nice to hear peoples reactions when I tagged (real
existing) pathes/trails/tracks. They argued these pathes/trails/tracks
didn't exist because it was not on there maps !

See you, Rik

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