[OSM-talk] talk whilst on hols

D Tucny d at tucny.com
Mon Aug 20 14:14:39 BST 2007

On 20/08/07, Michal Grézl <walley at walley.org> wrote:
> > Another option is to get a gmail account and use that for the mailing
> list.
> > Gmail allows you some ridiculously large amount of storage (2GB?), so
> your
> > mailbox doesn't get full.  I haven't checked lately, but it used to be
> that
> > gmail accounts were by invitation only, so if you don't have and account
> and
> > want one, ask someone with a gmail account to invite you.
> You are currently using 676 MB (23%) of your 2890 MB. - so it is more like
> 3GB:)
> You don't need invitation anymore.

Google apps for your domain is exactly 2GB per mailbox and it doesn't grow
like gmail, for free I think you can have 25 mailboxes and lots of

You are currently using 394 MB (19%) of your 2048 MB.

I have a rule that tags all OSM mails as, quite imaginatively, OSM, so then
I just choose the OSM tag when I want to read OSM mails and they don't
clutter up my inbox... They are also nicely chunked together into
'Conversations' aka threads, which works well in most cases except for posts
by people with potentially broken/feature light mail clients when they
change the subject...

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