[OSM-talk] Other people's tracks

Longbow4u 2longbow at gmx.de
Tue Aug 21 21:24:32 BST 2007

Joe Hildreth <xavier <at> gtec.com> writes:

> Hello all,
>     While mapping some stuff in 
> Clarkesville, TN, I noticed that there are tracks for the interstate. Would it 
> be bad form to create routes from these, or should I give the poster some time 
> to create them?
> Warm Regards,
> Joe Hildreth
I would say you can create routes at once. Some people are very busy and drive
around a lot, but do not have the time to create the routes, so you can help
them. If they do not like your creation, they can modify it. If they would like
to keep the routes for themselves, they could wait with the upload and trace
them in JOSM in offline mode.


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