[OSM-talk] GPX upload via API

Christof Dallermassl cdaller.hw at gmx.at
Wed Aug 22 10:37:23 BST 2007


I'm the "guy who wrote it" (and am just coming back from holidays, so I 
did not follow your discussion).

True, missed the slash. Will have a look as soon as my mailbox is empty...


Tom Hughes schrieb:
> In message <8b65902a0708160330n16624587kd4b4b25730a54d56 at mail.gmail.com>
>         Guilhem Bonnefille <guilhem.bonnefille at gmail.com> wrote:
>> OK. But what about slash ('/')? It seems that this caracter is used as
>> separator for parameters. So if description, tags or filename contain
>> such caracter, the API will go wrong.
> Correct. There are several other characters that will cause a
> problem, but the guy who wrote that upload thing obviously didn't
> encounter them ;-)
>> I'm not aware with HTTP protocol, but why not use a POST request for
>> uploading GPX traces? Or perhaps, PUT method allows parameters, like
>> POST (I really don't know, but I'm surprised it is not possible).
> That would be the sensible way to do it - the current technology
> was not something I wrote. I inherited it and I suspect that nobody
> had ever tried to use it until very recently.
> Tom

Christof Dallermassl
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