[OSM-talk] JOSM geometry support

Iván Sánchez Ortega ivansanchez at escomposlinux.org
Thu Aug 23 02:16:18 BST 2007

El Jueves, 23 de Agosto de 2007, Frederik Ramm escribió:
> what geometry functions do *you* want and how would you like them?

OK, let's populate the wishlist...

- Create node into existing segment and connect. Think of the existing "Add 
node into segment" tool, plus the functionality of "draw segment from last 
drawn node". Will be helpful to draw T-junctions, and for scenarios similar 
to the ones where "create node at intersection" is needed.

How would I like it? As a part of the "create segment" tool, not as part of 
the "create node" tool. I'd like to see, beforehand, how it's going to a 
appear (to better trace over aerial imaginery, etc)

- Simplify way. Select a way, use the tool, and any *untagged*, unconnected 
nodes that are unnecesary get deleted. By "unnecesary" I mean either:
 - They way is a perfectly straight line and the central nodes can be deleted.
 - The way is a regular curve, and some central points can be interpolated by 
the rendering algorithms, losing 'X' detail. 'X' should be lower than a given 
threshold, say, 10cm. Think about motorway curves with a high curvature 
radius and hundreds of nodes.

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