[OSM-talk] JOSM geometry support

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Aug 23 07:50:57 BST 2007


> - Create node into existing segment and connect. Think of the existing "Add 
> node into segment" tool, plus the functionality of "draw segment from last 
> drawn node".

Sounds like a good idea.

> How would I like it? As a part of the "create segment" tool, not as part of 
> the "create node" tool. I'd like to see, beforehand, how it's going to a 
> appear (to better trace over aerial imaginery, etc)

This I don't understand. The "create segment" tool only shows a 
preliminary line if you hover over an existing node; if you hover over 
another segment where you might want to create a new node, it will not 
show a line.

Do you perhaps mean something similar to this?


> - Simplify way. Select a way, use the tool, and any *untagged*, unconnected 
> nodes that are unnecesary get deleted. By "unnecesary" I mean either: 

I have done that some time ago (see 
http://josm.eigenheimstrasse.de/ticket/14) but felt that the function 
had no place in the JOSM core and thus submitted it for inclusion in the 
Utils plugin, however it seems to never have materialised there. 
(Admittedly, what I submitted was a bit prototypical, and was in need of 
some parameter input panel or so.) I still think it would fit in there, 
better than creating a mini plugin for just this one function... Martijn?


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