[OSM-talk] Islands in rivers

Brent Easton b.easton at exemail.com.au
Thu Aug 23 13:19:06 BST 2007

>> >  A>A>A>A>A>A>AB>B>B>B>B>B>B>B
>> >  |           /              \
>> >  |          /                \
>> >  A<A<A<A<A<AB<B<B<B<B<B<B<B<B<B
>> >  
>> >  Pure speculation here, someone might actually know!  
>> Yes, that is what I was trying to describe. You create a series of long
>thin 'natural=water' areas. 
>No, you do it with waterway=riverbank, and have A and B bein
>non-continuous way (just the left and right riverbank). Osma should render
>it properly, if I rmember correctly.

As it is not on the Map Features page, one has to assume that it does not exist ;) The technique I described works perfectly using documented features. 
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