[OSM-talk] Do we need an "announce" mailing list?]

Andreas Putzo lists at putzo.net
Mon Aug 27 18:28:50 BST 2007


On Aug 25, Frederik Ramm wrote:
>      other projects often have a relatively low-volume, sometimes even
> moderated "announce" list that is used for announcing
> * new features/new versions of existing software
> * new software
> * infrastructure changes
> * planned maintenance

* important information like AND deal
* bits from conferences like SOTM
* (vote) results or other information from the foundation
* etc.

I would appreciate an announce mailing list.
The talk list is (at the moment) very high volume and it is easy to 
miss important information. 
There may also be people who do not want to read talk regulary but
want to be informed about the project in general.


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