[OSM-talk] Java Batch Upload, Steps, Parking

Daniel Schmidt Daniel at planetschmidt.de
Tue Aug 28 15:58:48 BST 2007


I was just trying out the Java batch upload tool, but it doesn't  
work. Can anyone help me?

 > java GpxUpload "Baden-Baden, Germany" "baden-baden germany" / 
 > using username and password from josm preferences
 > uploading /Volumes/HANDY/TRACKS/track_20070825_1113.gpx to  
 > url: http://www.openstreetmap.org/api/0.4/gpx/create/ 
 > Transferring data to server
 > return code: 404 Not Found
 > Exception in thread "main" java.lang.RuntimeException: 404 Not Found
 >        at GpxUpload.upload(GpxUpload.java:78)
 >        at GpxUpload.main(GpxUpload.java:141)

Second, I'd like to ask why steps (highway=steps) aren't rendered in  
Mapnik. I think they should be displayed just like footways.

And finally, I would like to inform everyone that my proposal on the  
extension of "amenity=parking" has been accepted by 13 against 2  
votes. I have already included the new tags in the Features/Parking  
wiki page and would like to encourage the maintainers of the  
renderers to adapt this.



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