[OSM-talk] disputed territories

Jo ml at winfix.it
Fri Dec 14 11:04:54 GMT 2007

Gervase Markham wrote:
> Hakan Tandogan wrote:
>> At least in the case of Cyprus, I'm observing that one of the guys 
>> repeatedly removed the name:<language> tags. I don't know whether this 
>> is intentional or because of some restriction of Potlatch, but the edit 
>> war is still ongoing there :-(
> Assuming this isn't a technical issue, then IMO this is unacceptable.
> How about a rule (social or technical) which says that one is not 
> permitted to remove name:language tags? You can change them to be more 
> accurate, but removing them entirely is not allowed. This is on the 
> basis that each language group has control over what a place is called 
> in their language, and other people shouldn't be able to mess with that, 
> even if they don't like the name.
> That at least reduces the scope to the question of the untagged 
> attribute and the default rendering.
> What sanctions do we have against people who destroy data like this? 
> Account disablement? Can't they just create a new one?
> Gerv
The way I understood it, is that the entire way was simply removed and 
created again... Totally unacceptable, true, but how to prevent it? 
Self-regulation is not going to work in these cases. The emotional hurt 
is simply too big for that.

It's very easy in Potlatch to let something be the way it was before and 
simply add your own version of the thruth. No technical limitations or 
excuses to be found there.


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