[OSM-talk] osm2shp

Jochen Topf jochen at remote.org
Thu Dec 20 14:14:48 GMT 2007

On Thu, Dec 20, 2007 at 12:41:10PM +0000, Nick Black wrote:
> Given that Jochen's osmlib-export seems to do the job of converting
> osm xml to shapefiles, is it worth bothering with developing osm2shp?
> What would osm2shp do that osmlib-export doesn't?
> What would be cool is adding support for .osm to ogr2ogr, which is
> also c++, runs on any platform, is free and converts from almost any
> geo format to almost any other geo format.
> http://www.gdal.org/ogr/index.html
> I know that Mikel and Schuyler talked about implementing it in
> Victoria - could be a fun xmas project for someone...

The problem with all the conversions between OSM and common GIS formats
is that there is no one true way of doing the conversion because the
underlying data models are different. My osmlib-export is explicitly
designed as a sort of toolbox which can be configured to do almost any
kind of conversion that could be needed. My goal with osmlib-export was
to seperate the conversion mechanism itself from the part that looks
at the different tags and decides what to do with them.

But this flexibility also means that it is not the fastest way of doing
things and it might be a bit harder to use.  So it still makes sense to
have specialized tools that do one kind of often needed conversion
faster or easier, like the osm2pgsql that is optimized for Mapnik use.

But osmlib-export is available and should work (if you have problems,
talk to me!). I encourage everybody to try it out and give me feedback.

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