[OSM-talk] City categories and wikipedia links

OJW streetmap at blibbleblobble.co.uk
Sun Feb 11 12:50:33 GMT 2007

If you've added a category (is_in) or wikipedia link to an OSM node, there's a 
new link on each city page which will import those changes and display them 
on the cities website.

e.g. http://www.almien.co.uk/OSM/Places/?id=922 - look for  the link: "Update 
the tags for Fen Ditton".

Any categories you create will appear on:


For each city, there's a "Tags: ___" section just underneath the map, which 
lists the tags and links to other cities in the same category.  (those tags 
should be comma-separated, b.t.w.)

For wikipedia links, you add the "wikipedia=London,Ontario" tag in OSM, to 
make all the links go to the correct wikipedia article.





p.s. future work planned: 
* Auto-updates of metadata, instead of requiring someone to click on the link
* Update names and locations too (to fix all those australian places that used 
to have invalid name tags)

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