[OSM-talk] JOSM presets.xml file

Christoph Eckert ce at christeck.de
Sun Feb 11 21:35:59 GMT 2007

> I think the latest JOSM code has introduced a new display_values
> attribute into the <combo> tag. Try duplicating the 'values' as
> 'display_values', e.g. something like this...
>  <combo key="highway" text="Type"
> values="secondary,primary,trunk,motorway,motorway_link"
> display_values="secondary,primary,trunk,motorway,motorway_link"/>
> I only found this out by reading the source. I have attached the file
> that i'm currently using.

argh, argh, argh!

I was busy creating a presets file and thought it is a bug. Instead, 
*ve-ry* cool code was added where road types can be displayed as 
translated text! Why did noone mention this cool new feature?!?

Thanks a bunch, Jon, you made my day :) .


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