[OSM-talk] Place names deleted (Berlin & Gothenburg)

Arvid Andersson hh38uc9ukb8y at rvd.se
Thu Feb 15 11:28:00 GMT 2007

Ralf Zimmermann wrote:
 > I just found out, that at least two place names have been removed 
from the OSM database:
 > On 31-Jan, someone deleted the node that marked Gothenburg.
 > On 05-Feb, someone removed the place and name tags from the node that 
used to mark Berlin.
 > Has anyone else noticed such data being removed lately? Is there 
something bad going on?
 > If the API would show who made those changes, we could ask the person...
 > Ralf

I might have removed the Gothenburg one by mistake. The date and place 
is right, I started editing Gothenburg by the end of January. There were 
a lot of nodes without tags or segments attached to them, that I 
"cleaned up". I suppose I didn't check them all for tags... :(


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