[OSM-talk] JOSM and landsat shifting

David Groom reviews at pacific-rim.net
Wed Feb 21 14:34:52 GMT 2007

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Subject: [OSM-talk] JOSM and landsat shifting

> If I download a landsat background into JOSM and realign it on the known
> points, it works fine. However if I then shift across a bit and download 
> the
> next section of landsat, when I try to adjust its position, what actually
> moves is the remnant of the earlier section: there doesn't seem to be any
> way I can grab the newly downloaded layer.
> This isn't to do with selecting the overlay. The same still happens if I
> delete the layer containing the old landsat image before I download the 
> new
> one: the layer disappears from the layer palette, butte image is still 
> there
> and it still shifts in preference to the new one.
> David

I've just checked using the latest WMS plugin which has a Landsat download 
facility, and  you can independently align each Landsat image.

However on order to move the move recently downloaded image you do have to 
have the mouse over an area which wasn't covered in the original image,


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