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Guenther Meyer d.s.e at sordidmusic.com
Sun Jan 21 17:12:42 GMT 2007

Am Sonntag 21 Januar 2007 17:13 schrieb Nick Black:
> So assuming you ever use proprietery software, do you ever file bug
> reports against defects?    How can you expect something to improve
> unless you give feedback to it?
I see a difference between software an data:
when I pay for software, I expect it to work. if this is not the case (maybe 
because of my specific environment, which can't have been tested), they need 
the feedback to make the software work as it should.

the people who collect the data, are paid to make the job good. all the 
necessary information to do that is already there out on the streets.
if they can't do this, and need help from "the community", there is something 

I think, we should concentrate on using our resources on creating good data 
for osm, not for a commercial provider.
but, I don't see a problem if some of them want to use our data (as far as the 
licence allows it).

just my two cents
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