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Steve Coast steve at asklater.com
Sun Jul 1 02:28:57 BST 2007

Tempting as it is and as curt as you are, I'm not going to descend in  
to a flamewar.

Would anyone else like to work on fundraising for OSM?

On 1 Jul 2007, at 02:12, Frederik Ramm wrote:

> Steve,
>> I hear you all about wanting the map to be Free and pure. Really,  
>> I do. On the other hand I note that only two of you are foundation  
>> members.
> Now that's a really cheap argument. If all of the critics were  
> foundation members, would you listen to them more, or what's the  
> point?
> Have foundation members been consulted before these ads were put up?
>> And that we didn't see all this time and effort when we were  
>> looking for people to help organise the conference.
> Are you saying that you need to raise money for the conference, or  
> are you just looking for an excuse to point your finger at people?
> Have you made any effort to be open and communicative about your  
> fundraising efforts? Are there numbers somewhere saying "we need so  
> and so much money to do this and that, and we have the following  
> options, so we decided to try this?" Or is such information only  
> available to foundation members, or conference organisers, or only  
> in an administrative building somewhere on a distant planet?
> Isn't it you who keeps saying that the most important thing about  
> OSM is the community? Then how come you don't give a damn about  
> what the community thinks? Or are we, the mailing list members,  
> something else than the community you value?
>> It's really easy to send angry negative emails to the list and  
>> it's much harder to volunteer and make things happen.
> I wasn't even angry about the ads but you've really handled this  
> badly, giving the impression that this project is not "open" at  
> all. Any of us, if we were to volunteer for fundraising work, would  
> talk to the list and attempt to build some sort of consensus before  
> we act in a way that affects the way OSM is presented to the  
> outside world. (Assuming for a moment we could.)
> If you're looking for some excuse to exclude people, you'll always  
> find something. Nobody except yourself can contribute heaps of maps  
> *and* write lots of software *and* give talks about OSM *and*  
> organise a conference at the same time. Most of us make choices.  
> Are you saying this is your personal project and you can bloody  
> well do whatever you please? If you continue acting like that then  
> your community is going to go down the toilet.
> Bye
> Frederik
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have fun,

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