[OSM-talk] advertising

Christoph Eckert ce at christeck.de
Sun Jul 1 07:39:39 BST 2007


> Look, these things aren't going to proliferate all over Europe or  
> fill up the map. That's just gratuitous FUD.

I contribute to OSM to get free maps. I map my area, others theirs, 
resulting in free maps for all. For me, free also means free of ads, at 
least for the map itself.

If I go to osm.org, I get a world map and I can see an ad pin. It 
doesn't matter that it only is one and that it only is in the UK. 
Everyone browsing our main page will see this annoying ad, regardless 
from which point of the world. It doesn't matter that it goes away when 
I log in. The ad does not bother me personally. The ad is ugly as soon 
as you point *other* people to the project. »Look, there's a cool 
project, I'm heavily working on it.« »You spend your time freely 
working on a map with ads on it?«. This has nothing to do with FUD.

> I hear you all about wanting the map to be Free and pure. Really, I  
> do. On the other hand I note that only two of you are foundation  
> members.

Are only foundation members allowed to see our maps ads free? If so, who 
did decide which classes of citizens get bothered by ads and which not? 
Has there been a popular vote? Or, at least, has there been a vote by 
the foundation members?

> And that we didn't see all this time and effort when we were looking
>   for people to help organise the conference.

Sorry, this also has nothing to do with ads on the project's main page. 
I guess you are pretty aware of which people are doing the work in this 
project. As Fred mentioned, people have to deal with their resources. I 
have contributed huge amounts of data, helped on software, spread the 
word, helped on organizing mappings and held talks. Thus I cannot 
acquiesce the argument that I am not allowed to complain on ads because 
I didn't help organizing the SOTM conference (BTW, I spend holidays and 
travel expenses to attend the conference).

>   So, instead of talking 
> about deleting all your data or how bad it is, why don't you
> volunteer to organise fundraising? It's really easy to send angry
> negative emails to the list and it's much harder to volunteer and
> make things happen.
> We'd all love your help organising fundraising, especially given all
>   the time we've spent organising the conference. Who's going to step
> up?

I'll start by separating the "How do we gain the money needed to run the 
project" discussion thread from the "Do we want ads on maps or not" 

HTH & best regards,


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