[OSM-talk] Survey: How to pay the OSM bill

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Jul 1 08:39:03 BST 2007


    I'm all for an informed discussion on the subject.

 > Unfortunately I didn't find any overview about osm bookkeeping.

In order to avoid "backseat driving", we'd need an enlightened 
foundation member to supply some information, like:

> while OSM is a volunteer project, it is obvious that it needs money to 
> keep the needed infrastructure (hardware, bandwidth, ...)

How much money is required? Are existing bandwidth sponsors showing 
signs of withdrawal? Is there a hardware upgrade plan or are we simply 
in "we spend what we can get" mode?

> Currently there's some discussion about the newly introduced 
> ads on our beloved map.

How much money are these ads capable of generating? How much income is 
generated by foundation members, what are the foundation's expenses, is 
the conference at risk of generating a loss or will it earn us money, if 
so, how much? How much money has been donated by the community?

> I can imagine different kinds of ads:
> * Mappam ads as currently seen on the project's main page
> * Static banners on the main page
> * Temporary banners on the main page

How much money was generated by the Google ads when we had them?


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