[OSM-talk] Survey: How to pay the OSM bill

Ralf Zimmermann Ralf at Zimmermann.com
Sun Jul 1 12:22:19 BST 2007

> Unfortunately I didn't find any overview about osm bookkeeping. Thus I 
> neither have a clue how much money the project burnt in the past nor 
> how much costs we should expect in the foreseeable future. Steve, can 
> you shed some light on the financial aspects of the project?

I agree that we should have some visibility of the financial situation.

If there is some money needed immediately, I guess I am not the only one 
prepared to donate some money for keeping OSM running.

I would not expect people to send money to OSM when nobody knows what it 
is spent for. So a bit of information from the core team could be a good 

Munich, Germany

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