[OSM-talk] advertising

Martijn van Oosterhout kleptog at gmail.com
Sun Jul 1 22:20:49 BST 2007

On 7/1/07, Ulf Lamping <ulf.lamping at web.de> wrote:
> > Beacuse this is an open project, and the adverts were that terrible
> > and taking up the entire screen, you could set up your own, ad-free
> > slippy map.
> >
> And how do we now that will be possible in the future? Reading the mails

Err, a map is just tiles. Anybody can setup their own map using those
tiles. I've done it, many others have done it, see
informationfreeway.org. There's no way to embed useful ads into the
tiles themselves, so: problem solved.

However, currently it just looks dumb. It needs to be limited to
higher zoom levels to be of any use.

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